About us

We are EazzyRent

a company concerned about providing creative software solutions for the real estate sector. We bring tools to our end users that add great value to their businesses and daily lives.

©EazzyRent is a unique properties website hand crafted with three objectives:

  • - Work with verified property agents and owners
  • - Provide only real time listings
  • - Provide only customized adds for buyers and renters

Verified Entities: We advertise listings for clients (property agents/property owners) using our fully fledged property management system ©EazzyRent We have established contact with each one of them and can guarantee visitors of this portal trusted adds from verified individuals and businesses. The website is also open to the public and we assess the validity of all properties posted before going online.

Real Time: This portal is integrated with ©EazzyRent Property Management System. All available properties on ©EazzyRent will be listed here automatically and get delisted when not available. This guarantees buyers and renters of real time listings that are actually available.

Customized: Property agents and landlords manage hundreds of thousands of tenants using ©EazzyRent Property Management System. We are able to extract information from ©EazzyRent Property Management System that we can use to tailor listings based on factors such as geographical location, budget among other preferences.

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